The trip to Micron is undoubtedly fruitful.We have learned how the Memory Cards such as DRAM, NOR and NAND work. It is also our first time to know how the clean room works as a efficient system. It is quite a different experience and I am impressed by HMC(The Hybrid Memory Cube). we think this shows that the company has a strong innovation power. Meanwhile, we learn lots of new things through the trip such as how the automatic process to produce the memory, learning the concepts and gaining further insights. Our interests in the engineering is also sparked.

However, we also have some doubts after the trip. For example, we are wondering how the clean room environment is kept, how to maintain the quality of the products, etc. Hence, the tour may consist more details in the next round. Especially, we are quite interested in how the transportation system works in the clean room. With almost hundreds "box" working on the top of the room, there is no crash and accidents. Hence, we are fairly amazed by the system.



Before we went into the clean room, the tour guides of the company actually brought us through the mural tour and we found out about the timeline for memory chips. From the hard disk to the thumb drive, memory devices are getting smaller and smaller, but still able to store more memory. Micron is a revolutionary company which tries to innovate constantly to improve on their products to satisfy customers' demands.We were also very impressed by the clean room in the plant because it is a class 100 room and it is cleaner than a hospital surgical room! There were also many robots that transport the wafers around and it has a very efficient system of saving space.

The trip is also meaningful.Through the trip, we have discovered much knowledge about the practical application of science and maths. we have been introduced to a whole new aspect of engineering through the trip and now have a deeper understanding about semi-conductors and logic gates in microchips. We also viewed the factory production processes in Micron and found the massive network of transport and delivery impressive. We were impressed with the level of cleanliness in the clean room and the high tech equipment involved. Overall, we have gained deeper insight on engineering and interest in learning more about it through this trip.

Last but not least. thank you! :)
Students @ HCI